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Mice work their way through the holes in the floor of your camper made to accommodate

water, sewer, propane and power lines. Once inside, the costly damage will begin. Plastic

water pipes, electrical wires, bedding and more are all favorite items for a mouse to destroy.

Once per year, we will under coat the entire under carriage of your trailer or RV with a natural essential oil. This product will repel the mice from entering through these holes.

Mice have a very acute sense of smell. The scent of natural oils are overwhelming to them,

and drive the mice away. This non drip oily coating is much too slippery to travel across. The

coating is impassable by any mouse or insect.

Mouse Free is SAFE!! It is a non toxic, non-drip spray that is environmentally friendly.

NOTE: This product is NOT designed to eliminate any existing mice in your trailer.

Bait and trap methods must be used.

Also available is Fresh Cab Rodent Repellent. This product comes in convenient pouches to

repel mice from campers, houses, boats, cars etc.. Fresh Cab is safe for use around kids and pets! This product is currently unavailable. Sorry for the inconvenience.


  • Thank you for spraying our trailer. As you know, the mouse issues were terrible, at least one or two every night for well over a month last summer. With one application, the mouse issue was totally gone... I haven't had a mouse since and it has been about 8 months now...a definite must for campers! Juergen @ The White Pines Resort, Calabogie, Ont..
  • Just wanted to let you all know that I went from catching 4 mice a week to catching none after Kevin sprayed the bottom of my trailer with his mouse repellent! So far the results have been impressive! Steve P. @ The White Pines Resort, Calabogie, Ont..
  • Had to give K&F Mobile Mouse Repellers a call this week and have nothing but GREAT things to day about their work and customer service. Will be passing along your name for sure... Thanks Kevin:) Shannon G. Perth, Ont..
  • I had Kevin spray my Motorhome this spring and it remains mice free. Also the applications seems to protect the undercarriage from rust as an added bonus. Thank You! Andre P. Perth
  • They are the best, especially if you have arachnophobia like I do. Don't delay, call today, you wont be sorry!! Brigette B. Havelock, Ont.

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